Grooved Letterboard

The grooved felt letter board is designed to display clear legible announcements, directions and menus through the use of easily changeable letters and numbers. The grooved felt backing board is available in a range of colours and the letters and number are available in a range of sizes and colours.

The Grooved letterboards are a popular, easy to read, user-friendly, changeable letter/number system which is widely used to display announcements, directions and most commonly as a menu display in Café’s, Restaurants and Bar venues. The letter boards can be made framed with a silver or black frame with a variety of felt colours to choose from and can be custom made to any size. If you require a custom size please contact us for more information.

The menu boards can be made frameless which allows you the flexibility of incorporating the board into an existing renovation or designing and installing a custom made frame. Interchangeable Letters and Numbers with tabs to fit into the grooves of the board can be purchased in various colours and sizes. Please refer to the Letters and Numbers (hyperlink) page for more information.

*Framed (silver or black) or Unframed
*Made to order- Please contact us if you require a quotation for a custom size grooved letterboard
*Can be made landscape or portrait
*Standard Felt Colours: Black, Burgundy, Royal Blue or Navy Blue
*Installation services are available in Sydney. Please contact us for a quotation

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