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Poster Holders Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Deciding on the Right Poster Holders for Your Business

Having posters and signage for your building in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne is very important.  Photos are important for businesses but they can’t be seen at a distance, so you need larger size advertising to draw in customers.  No matter your business, you can and should consider oversized ads.  Movie theatres know they need to advertise the movies showing, and restaurants use them to advertise certain dishes or specials they’re offering.  A store can advertise sales such as buy one get one free specials, or if they’re offering a certain precent off purchases.

As important as they are, your posters will get damaged if you don’t use the right holders for them.  You need to consider where they’ll be mounted and if they will protect your materials so you know you’re purchasing the right holders.  These can be somewhat expensive but they’re designed to last for years, so you need to consider your options before you order anything.


Mounting Types and Other Details

Will you be mounting your ads to a wall like a standard picture or to a glass window?  You need to consider this because some holders will have mounting in the back whereas you need mounting brackets in the front for those you attach to windows.  You may also want the type that locks, if you choose to mount yours outside.  This will keep your posters from being stolen or otherwise damaged.  Movie theatres especially need to consider this as movie posters are valuable to collectors.  

If you want to change your posters often without taking down the holder, choose one that works with hinges.  This will allow you to open it and change the advertising materials quickly and easily without having to take down the frame itself and then rehang it after changing out the materials.  These are best for movie theatres and any type of establishment where your advertising changes regularly, such as retail stores and restaurants.  Very often these businesses will have new specials every week or new sales they want to advertise, so choosing ones with a hinge will allow you to open and close these quickly and easily.  


Where to Shop

Why shop online for the frames you need for your advertising materials?  They are typically more affordable online since websites are more affordable to operate.  You can also easily find the frames you need without leaving your office, and can have it delivered just as quickly and easily.  

Be sure you know the right size to choose when shopping online since it’s more difficult to return items you purchase from a website.  It may even be good to take measurements of the area where you want to display your advertising so you know the best sizes.  You can then also decide the number of posters you can display in any one area such as your front window or outside wall.  

If you consider these simple tips for your advertising, you’ll find the right frames and will have your posters mounted quickly and easily.

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