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Pin Boards in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Surprising Uses for Pin Boards

Getting memos out to employees and staff can be a challenge; many ignore emails or forget their contents once they’re deleted, and there are some announcement and messages you want in front of them at all times.  This is one reason to consider using pin boards or corkboards in an office, and there are many more uses that may surprise you.  Consider how to make good use of this public display where you work no matter your business or industry.


Sign-up Sheets

Are you organising a company team for a certain sport, or asking for volunteers for a charitable organisation on the weekend?  Emailing your employees these things is likely to get very few results because they often forget about these once the email is deleted.  When you put a sign-up sheet out where it can be seen every day, this encourages employees and staff to sign up when it’s convenient for them.  They may need to think about their schedule or level of interest, and then sign up at a later time.  Using a pin board can help to keep the sign-up sheets in front of everyone and keep their memories fresh.


Schedules and Announcements

Retail stores and restaurants need to keep schedules organised, and again, employees can delete emails or forget the schedule once the message is gone.  When you post these in an obvious place, you are less likely to get questions about the schedule and to have conflicts.  This works the same with announcements; keeping them in front of everyone every day will ensure everyone sees these and that they’re reminded of them every day.  Your schedule may also include a list of holidays when your office or business is closed, and the schedule of when vacation requests need to be turned in.

Many announcements also need to be in front of your employees regularly.  You may be making changes to your benefits package or they may need to turn in certain paperwork for vacation or insurance benefits by a certain time.  You may also want to keep everyone aware of upcoming visitors or of meeting schedules for certain departments.  When everyone on staff is always informed of these things, you have fewer conflicts.


Employee of the Month

Rewarding your employees is a great motivator, and you can do this with businesses in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to keep your workers happy.  Putting up their picture or another announcement can keep them motivated and encourage other employees to work harder.  You might also note any rewards they get for being employee of the month, such as a special parking spot or a cash bonus.  This is difficult to do with an email, which is why a corkboard or fabric board works better.  Consider all their uses for your office and note if they may be the best way of communicating for your staff and your various needs.  Sometimes old-fashioned paper announcements and notices work best in some situations, which is where a corkboard or fabric board is appreciated.

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