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Notice Boards in Sydney

How to Find the Best Noticeboards for Your Company

The right noticeboards are very important for your company; they can be used for not just notices and announcements but also for scheduling, for displaying trophies and awards, and for sharing employee of the month photos as well as other internal documents.  You want to have a good supply on hand at your company since notices that appear on these boards are likely to be seen by more staff members and remembered more easily as well.

How do you choose the right noticeboards for your company?  Ones that are too large will overpower a space and ones that are too small won’t hold all the notices you need.  You also want something that is attractive if it will be seen by clients and customers.


Finding the Size

To find the right size, it may be good to actually take measurements on the wall.  Consider how many notices you may post and lay those out on the floor or a desk so you know how much space you need versus how much space you have on the wall.  Typically the boards are in a few certain standard sizes, so once you have an idea of the size you need you can then start to shop.  It may be good to get something larger than what you think you need so you’re sure to have enough space for your announcements and other messages.


Finding the Right Style

If it’s just your staff that will see your board, a standard corkboard may suffice.  These are sturdy and work well with pushpins and last for years.  If you are putting your board where clients and customers may see them, it’s good to look for fabric covered boards that are more attractive.  They won’t look plain and functional and will be very eye-catching.  You may even be able to find fabrics that match your company colours so your space looks professionally designed and attractive to visitors.


Locked or Open Style

Often a locked style is best for some boards.  You can keep your notices and other materials safe and secure when locked away, and these may even look more professional.  These are also good for schools and places where it may be prone to vandalism.  Typically locked styles are not that much more expensive than open boards, so it can be worth the extra charge to keep your information safe and secure.


Shopping Online

It may be good to shop online for the boards you need so you can find more options and choices.  Online sites make it easy for you to compare different styles and prices and to note which might work better for your space.  It’s also easier for you to shop online than it is to shop office supply stores in person in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, and having all of your supplies delivered is also more convenient for you.  You’ll get the noticeboard you need quickly and easily and for an affordable price when you choose online sites.

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