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Why You Need Display Stands at Trade Shows and Expos

When you participate in trade shows and expos, everything about your booth is important.  You want to ensure you have enough material to hand out to prospective clients and customers and make your message clear to them.  Some have videos they play during the show or expo in order to bring traffic to their booth as these are very eye-catching.

Having the right display stands is also important when you take part in trade shows or expos in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.  There are a few different reasons for this and some important considerations regarding creating an eye-catching board when at a show.  Consider the following.


Your Need for Boards

Why have large boards at your booth when at trade shows and expos?  You need to set your booth apart from everyone else’s, and you need to bring in prospective customers and clients as well.  They typically won’t stop by your booth unless they know what you’re representing, which is where display stands come into play.  They allow you to advertise your company’s product or service very quickly and easily and in a way that gets the attention of many individuals.  Without a board of some sort, traffic may not even realise what you’re selling or why you’re at the show and they may keep walking, when in reality they may have been very interested in your company.

Many trade shows and expos also have limitations on the types of signs you can have; they may not allow you to hang something over the front of your table or to attach it to the curtains behind you.  When you bring your own board you keep your advertising materials in your booth and yet still have enough signage.


Choosing Your Board

To get the most from your display stand, consider how you compose what you include.  Your company name is important but your product or service is more important.  You want to give prospective customers and clients a reason to stop by your booth, and your name alone won’t be sufficient.

A good slogan is also something to consider for your board.  A slogan can give your prospective customers and clients a reason to stop by your booth; consider good slogans from companies and how they encourage business.  “You deserve a break today,” or “Have it your way” are positive reinforcements for customers and clients.

You also want information on your board about your product or service, such as what it includes or why someone would purchase it from your company.  However, you don’t want to have too much information because then nothing gets noticed.  Small statements like “lowest prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane” or “all natural ingredients” can help to draw in foot traffic.  Listing every benefit of your product or service on your board is a mistake; leave this for your marketing materials.  If you consider these simple points about using a board during a trade show or expo, you’ll have more success with these shows and get more customers to your booth.

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