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Crowd Control Barriers in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Choosing the Right Crowd Control Barriers

The right crowd control barriers are needed in many different retail settings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and in other types of businesses as well.  They are necessary whenever you have long lines at a register or other area, so that they line can move in an orderly fashion and there are less concerns about line cutters.  As functional as they are, you don’t want your ropes and other guides to be unsightly and just functional.  They should look welcoming and as if they’re part of your décor.

You also want them to be sturdy as often customers will lean on them and children will want to play with them.  They should also be easy to use since you may not need them posted at all times, so choosing ones you can easily wrap up and put away is critical.  To find the right crowd control barriers for your location, consider a few quick tips.



In banks, stores, and other places where appearance is important, velvet ropes may be a better option than standard canvas ropes.  These look more welcoming and inviting to customers and more formal.  They’re standard in theatre and upscale restaurants, so they can add a touch of class to your establishment.  They’re also easy to work with and very sturdy, if you invest in the heaviest stand you can for your ropes.  

For more functional spaces, simple canvas ropes can be sufficient.  These work well for most retail stores and in places where you need something very sturdy that stands up to constant use.  They are more attractive than retractable ropes but show fewer fingerprints and dirt and oil from being handled.  They also fold up easily when not in use.


Ease of Use

It’s vital you choose the right crowd control barrier that is easy for you to use, especially if you don’t use them often.  Velvet ropes fold up and you can drag or roll the stand out of the way.  They do take up some space so you need to consider if they would fit in your area when not in use.  Retractable canvas ropes are also easy to use; you may leave the stands in place and then simply retract the ropes when not in use.  You can also use wall cassettes for these; this is handy when you have sections of a space that needs to be roped off regularly and stands are bulky and cumbersome to use.  Wall cassettes typically install on any wall in any area and you can choose a wide variety of ropes to use for them.

Invest in the best barrier you can afford for your company since they do go through quite a bit of wear and tear from customers and clients and from being used often.  You may also want to talk to your staff about their suggestions for what could work since they are in touch with your customers more often.  The right crowd control will keep your establishment running smoothly and efficiently.

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